FeedDemon 4.5

FeedDemon 4.5详细介绍

  • 资源大小:3.9 MB
  • 月下载量:161次
  • 软件属性:英文 共享软件
  • 系统平台:Win7/WinVista/Win2003/WinXP/Win2000兼容软件
  • 更新时间:2021-06-25
  • RSS阅读器软件简介

    FeedDemon是Windows 平台最受青睐的RSS阅读软件之一,它具备容易友好的用户界面,使你可以迅速抓取最新的新闻和信息。你可以完全自概念组织和显示Feed 的方法,设置自概念的基于关键字的新闻监视器。预先配置的海量Feed,让你可以立即开始用它。其内建的Podcast接收程序可以 下载音乐文件到你的 移动音频设施。另外,FeedDemon可以与NewsGator Online自动同步,并与Bloglines等时尚的RSS服务集成。
    New In FeedDemon 3!
    * Google Reader sync – Use FeedDemon at home, at your office, or anywhere you go and keep your feeds, tags and shared items synched between locations.
    * Redesigned UI including new "Subscriptions Home" page with popular vid柚子币 and articles extracted from your feeds
    * Tagging and tag cloud on Subscriptions Home page.
    * Easy item sharing – let others enjoy your favorite articles with just a click.
    * Enhanced Twitter feed reading with automatic hyperlinks and short URL expansion view.

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